Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

A rather gloomy day but after being housebound for a week I had to get out and about. Conditions for photography were poor but the birds were very co-operative for a change.

I happened across a small patch of trees where a large variety of small birds were feeding and bathing in a small puddle. They would swoop into the muddy water and quickly escape before another bird would take its place.

The identification of these small birds was made harder by the fact that there were a lot of juveniles with differing morphs, for example, a juvenile Eastern Yellow Robin looks nothing like the adult. Nor do the Golden Whistler juveniles both male and female. I'll be consulting my field guide for a week trying to identify them.
I also observed several Southern Brown Bandicoots, a Swamp Wallaby, an Echidna and a Copperhead Snake asleep on the road, it scurried off as I approached.

To finish my short walk, I was entertained by one adult and two juvenile Wedge Tailed Eagles circling for prey. The adult flew directly above me but with the grey skies, the resulting photo was merely a silhouette.
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  1. Some great shots and great birds Wampy! I've always wanted to go here but never managed to get around to it - you've inspired me to put it on the agenda.