Monday, March 21, 2011

Whistling Kite at Braeside Park

I was able to get nice and close to a Whistling Kite at Braeside Park today. Another gloomy grey day south of Melbourne making photographic conditions less than desirable, and to make things harder, I had to negotiate the skeletal remains of long dead river red gums in which the Kite was perched.

After several unsuccesful shots, I increased the exposure 2 stops and approached the bird from a different angle. Although not perfect, I was still happy with the results.

It is amazing that the waterbirds are having second and possibly third broods this season. Today I came across newly hatched cygnets, black ducks, teals, and moorhens. No wonder the birds of prey are looking so well fed.
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  1. Nice images Wampy - better than mine :-)

  2. Had plenty of opportunities to get it right, I discarded about 30 close up images that were under exposed. I'm still not completely happy with the final result but I have learnt from the experience.