Friday, April 15, 2011

When all else fails, a little bit of Photoshop will do

I had one of those days at Edithvale Wetlands when nothing seems to go right. The water levels had risen due to overnight rain making access only possible via the shared pathway. Add the facts that the tall grasses had recently been slashed and Melbourne Water was performing maintenance work, it was quickly apparent that I would not come across any Buff-banded Rails.

Despite these handicaps, I did observe a White Faced Heron descend upon a dead tree giving a clear blue sky background, an ideal photo opportunity. It was then that I noticed that the moon was visible and in roughly the right place.

There was only one location that I could access to get the shot of the Heron in front of the moon due to the flooded causeway and dense foliage and you wouldn't believe it, Melbourne Water had parked an excavator in that exact position.

So I had to cheat and take two photos, one of the egret and a separate one of the moon. These shots were taken only metres apart so overlaying the Heron over the moon was going to be an easy exercise in photoshop. I'm still learning about photoshop but this was a good exercise, and the resultant photo was exactly what I had envisioned.

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