Saturday, May 7, 2011

Touring the Local Wetlands

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An interesting day spent wandering around the local wetlands and parks. My first sighting at the Rossiter Rd wetlands was a Black Shouldered Kite roosting where I normally see an Australian Hobby. A Buff-banded Rail flew out from the undergrowth as I was driving past but too quick for me to get a photo.

Driving towards Braeside Park, I observed a solitary Wedge Tailed Eagle circling a paddock near Springvale Rd. Upon arrival at the park, a friendly pair of Lorikeets posed for me and a pair of Eastern Rosellas did the same. Apart from the usual swans, ducks, teals, cormorants, swamphens and moorhens, a single Darter was observed flying away from the wetland area.

At Edithvale Wetlands, I was greeted by the mandatory White Faced Heron. These birds are taking over the world, everywhere that I go there is always at least one. More Eastern Rosellas posed for the camera, and two Buff-banded Rails flew into hiding before I could photograph them. Many Wood Ducks, Grey Teals, Chestnut Teals, Pacific Black Ducks, Purple Swamphens and Black Swans greeted me as I moved along the path. On departure, a Swamp Harrier flew over the birdhide near the carpark.

The new wetlands centre under construction is getting closer to completion.

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