Thursday, May 5, 2011

Warringine Boardwalk. Hastings

The boardwalk at Warringine Park in Hastings, Victoria, leads you on a winding path through the coastal wetlands and tidal flats. This is a habitat to many different species but unfortunately not today, just a White Faced Heron, several Black Ducks, and a Teal.

From the Mornington Peninsula Shire publication:

Warringine Park is one of the best kept secrets on the Mornington Peninsula. It was declared a conservation park in 1994 and came under Mornington Peninsula Shire management in 2006.

The park is divided into three sections: a Coastal Wetland, a Creekland and Woodland; all with their own special values. Managed primarily for conservation purposes, the park provides wonderful opportunities for passive recreational activities and has walking tracks through the coastal and creek sections.

The beauty of the park can be quite subtle so take the time to pause and observe your surroundings – you won’t be disappointed. As you stroll through the park you can discover:
• Coastal wetlands that form part of the internationally significant Westernport Ramsar site
• Salt marshes so special the coastal area is classified by the National Trust
• Geological formations and flora communities so significant they are listed on the Register of the National Estate
• A bird watchers paradise with over 110 bird species including the endangered Great Egret and Lewin’s Rail
• A haven for other native fauna species including the threatened Swamp Skink and Southern Brown Bandicoot
• Vegetation communities that include open woodland, coastal heathland, paperbark scrub, saltmarsh and mangrove stands.
• One of the southernmost stands of mangroves in the world
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