Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wetland Wanderings

A reasonable winters day with very little wind but grey skies. The local wetlands are full of life at the moment but photography was quite challenging.

My first stop was at the Boundary Rd wetlands opposite the Eastern Treatment Plant where I found a Brown Falcon perched on the power lines. Getting my car stuck on an embankment prevented further exploration so I headed off to Edithvale Wetlands.

To my surprise, I counted at least 100 Eurasian Coots opposite the viewing platform. Never have I seen so many coots assembled in a group like this. On the north side of the wetlands there were many Chestnut and Grey Teals together with Purple Swamphens, a solitary Musk Duck was putting on a display but hidden by the reeds. As I was leaving, a Buff-banded Rail made a quick appearance before flying for cover.

My last stop was at the Patterson River where a Great Egret and 3 White Faced Herons allowed me to get really close. I observed one of the herons catch a fish on two occasions. A pelican flew overhead and came in for a landing, not unlike a 747 coming in at Tullamarine.

Trying to photograph a white bird (Great Egret) on a dull day is a challenging task, particularly with the rocky background. The resulting photos still need further editing.
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