Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whistling Kites at Tenby Point

Tenby Point is a lovely little seaside retreat nestled in a unique part of  Westernport Bay. The eucalypts grow almost to the shoreline and there is always plenty of birdlife both among the trees and in the water.

There is no beach to speak of being mainly rocky outcrops or tidal flats, but that does not distract from its beauty. 

There is a resident Whistling Kite family with a nest high up in an old pine tree that overlooks both the bay and the paddocks behind. I could see the Kites from a distance, perched high in a gum tree perusing their domain. Having approached carefully, I was surprised to see one of them take off and cruise the waterline. It passed directly over me barely metres above, it was then that I had that horrible feeling - 'your SD card is full'.

The Kite teased me, floating on the light breeze directly in front of and slightly above me while I rapidly deleted photos from the card. Once I had room for about 20 shots I had to wait for the Kite to return and hopefully put on another show. I didn't have to wait long, but by this time the sky was grey and the sun had disappeared. Despite this, the Kite came so close that I had to take some photos of it.

As I retreated to the car park I could the Kite in the distance heading towards French Island.

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  1. Hey Wampy,
    looks like you've had some fun in the last few days and some great shots.

  2. Yes Ian, it's been a good couple of days. I bought a new car so I thought I'd do a bit of travelling. Nice to see a bit of variety in the birdlife after what seems a long winter.