Saturday, September 17, 2011

Reef Island and Tenby Point

You can see Phillip Island from Reef Island, and today I could hear the V8 Supercars which were racing some 20 km away. Not to be distracted by that noisy event, I had a pleasant walk around the nature conservation reserve followed by a short walk to Tenby Point.

It was evident almost immediately that the shorebirds were returning in great numbers as the tidal flats had thousands of feeding birds, but too far away to identify and too muddy to investigate.

On Reef Island there were about 100 Red-necked Stints, 24 Black Swans, 20 White Ibis, 4 Royal Spoonbills, 6 White-faced Herons, 20 Red-capped Plovers, 6 Ruddy Turnstones, 2 Pied Oystercatchers, 3 Pacific Gulls, 4 Crested Terns, 6 Fairy Terns (a first for me), 1 Caspian Tern, 4 Black Shouldered Kites, 2 White Fronted Chats, about 100 Straw Necked Ibis flying towards French Island, a single Great Egret, and an unidentified shorebird which was possibly a Red Knot or a moulting Pacific Golden Plover. 

Before heading off homewards, I ventured to Tenby Point to get some snaps of a pair of Whistling Kites which have been active on the nest lately.

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