Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cuckoo and Thornbill

A fledgling cuckoo, possibly a Shining Bronze Cuckoo, was making quite a bit of noise as I walked by at Coolart wetlands. After waiting a short while a Brown Thornbill appeared and began to feed the cuckoo. It must have fed about 10 insects to the cuckoo in a short time, I'll bet the thornbill will be glad to see the cuckoo complete it's independence.
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  1. Oh!
    This is a wonderful and rare post!
    We've got the same thing in France with Cuckoos but I never witnessed such a scene!
    I am... hummmm... just a tiny bit jalous!! LOL!
    And THE must: great shots too!
    Cheers Wampy!

    1. thanks Noushka, I'm sure you will get your chance to observe such a wondrous event.