Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedge Tailed Eagle at Cranbourne

My usual scouting location at Cranbourne was closed today so I headed off in a different direction to parts unknown. With one eye on the ground looking for snakes and the other wandering the tree branches there didn't appear to be much to see, just the usual wrens, finches, and wattlebirds. To my surprise I happened on a Wedge Tailed Eagle that allowed me a couple of quick snaps before escaping on the wind.
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  1. Fabulous, gorgeous and impressive shots... and I mean it!
    That's a bird!
    You find many snakes when you walk in the wild?
    It's one of passions too!
    Cheers, Wampy!

    1. Thanks Noushka, I have stumbled across a lot of snakes recently, mainly tiger snakes and copperheads. Always be on the alert for them, you don't want to step on one by accident.