Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cranbourne Gardens

Collared Sparrowhawk or Brown Goshawk? It appears to have an extended middle toe so I'll assume that it is a Sparrowhawk. As I walked past the Stringybark picnic area I spotted the Sparrowhawk watching over  the BBQ area waiting to ambush any unaware small birds.

This Swamp Wallaby was only knee high and didn't mind me being there, in fact, it was almost too close to photograph.

Spotted this Wedge Tailed Eagle from a distance but it flew off as I approached. The photo above is its nest and I'm hoping it is currently in use and not an old one.

This Brown Falcon was chased away by a pair of Black Shouldered Kites, one of which can be seen below.

This Crested Shrike Tit alerted me to its presence by tearing apart the bark on a eucalypt, revealing a nice juicy grub which it soon devoured.

Yellow Faced Honeyeaters are everywhere at the moment, as are White Plumed, New Holland, White Eared, and White Naped Honeyeaters/

Spotted Pardalotes are amongst my favourite little bird, so colourful and friendly/

A Grey Butcherbird takes off

This Common Bronzewing  shows where its name came from
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  1. Great location, birds and pictures. Looks like the Pardalote is keeping an eye on the raptors! Is this a local patch?

    1. Hi John, the Cranbourne Botanical gardens is a 200 hectare reserve and is an extension of the Royal Botanical gardens. There is lots of natural bush which attracts loads of honeyeaters and several raptor species. The pardalotes are plentiful and I have even seen them entering and leaving their burrows during breeding season.

  2. I must get back there. Great collection Wampy. I don't find myself face to face with crested shrike tit very often - usually 10 metres up!

    When I saw the thumbnail for your post I immediately thought collared sparrowhawk. I have limited experience picking between the two so am no help. I look at this guy's eyebrow & think goshawk!

    I bet the bronzewing enjoyed finally getting a little sunshine on his wings!!!!

    1. blue skies and sunshine, just what the birds needed to get out and about. The small birds were everywhere, at times I didn't know which way to look.