Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Pleasant Evening By The Patterson River

I had the good fortune to choose a perfect time to visit the Patterson River with a lot of activity from the water birds that frequent the site. There must be a large number of baitfish in the river as everything was hunting and catching plenty of small fish. 

After finding a spot close to the water, the birds ignored me and went about their business. At one stage, I could have reached out and touched a pair of Little Egrets they were that close. 

As dusk approached, photography became a challenge but I was still happy with the results. Apart from the Little Egrets, the highlight had to be a pair of duelling pelicans and the late arrival of some Nankeen Night Herons.


To complete a rewarding evening on the banks of the Patterson River, a beautiful sunset behind the houses.
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  1. Wow! Awesome images with lots of action. Love the pelicans.

    1. thanks John, it was a special evening and easily accessible